Special Processes

Conventional & Special Process Services
 • Penetrant Testing • Corrosion Mapping
 • Magnetic Particle Testing • Digital Thickness
 • Eddy Current Testing • Vibration Analysis
 • Ultrasonic Testing • Oil Analysis
 • Radiography (Interpretation) • Spectrometric Oil Analysis
 • Remote Visual Testing • Magnetic Chip Detection
 • Visual Inspection • Remote Data Acquisition
 • Thermography • Trend Monitoring
 • Bond Testing • Aerospace Welding

Aerospace and Aviation

* Special Processes covered by PRI-Nadcap  ( NDT, Welding, Heat treatment, etc.)
* NDT Technical Training Services and certification
* Technical and quality Management  Services
* Auditing and Surveillance
* Process Improvement through our Six-Sigma, TQM program
* NDT Level 3 Consultants
* Development and validation of written practice services
* NDT & Welding Procedures and techniques development
* Nominated / Responsible Level 3 services


 Quality & Technical Services

 AATSL Complies with the stringent quality standards

 Providing globally harmonised   quality  and technical services. Our team of highly skilled, experienced quality and
 technical expert to improve your performance

 Team “Q” NDT :
 Level 3 Services :

* NDT Written Practice-draft Review and approve, NDT Methods and techniques.
* Selection of NDT  Method(s) and technique(s) for specific  inspection as well as to verify and validate procedures and technique in the qualified method.
* To review and approval of NDT Procedures and work instruction from Aerospace standard.
*NDT Plant definition and set up
* Qualification Test Plans (QTP’s)
* Provide internal and external audits on NDT, Welding (Other Special Processes) For maintenance and manufacturing line.
* To Provide accreditations program
* Pre-audits for NADCAP accreditations for NDT, Welding and other Special Processes in aerospace manufacturing line.
* Initial and re-accreditation audits to PRI NADCAP
* Our Success rate has been 100% on merit.
*Technology transfer – Consulting services.
*Scope of the NDT Audit AC7114 Checklist series.
* Control of NDT – NDT Audit, performance review, personnel certification, documentation traceability, calibrations, etc.
*Penetrant testing
* Magnetic particle testing
* Radiographic  testing
* User Prime Supplemental criteria .
*Review/Discussion of the most common audit findings
* Complete vs. Incomplete  responses to findings
* Typical reasons for response not being accepted
* Appeals process
*Supplier merit and failure policies
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